Stroke Rehabilitation using SaeboFlex – Sam’s Story...




My name is Sam and I’m 26. At the age of 15 I had a brain tumour removed, then last year I suffered a stroke which has left me partially paralysed down my left-hand side. I’ve recovered quite well, but I still have some problems with my arm and leg, which is why I work with Physio-Life.

My main issue has been a lack of grip in my hand, which has limited me in terms of what I can do for myself and has in turn affected my independence.




I now see Rachel once a week for general neurological physiotherapy, but we’ve also started using a product called SaeboFlex which has been truly amazing. SaeboFlex is a custom-made mechanical orthosis that supports and helps my weak wrist, hand and fingers. By using it, it helps to re-programme my brain and retrain it to do simple, everyday tasks.




I started using SaeboFlex with Rachel and didn’t really notice much difference for the first couple of weeks, but after around five weeks I was totally blown away by the results.


Now I’ve regained my grip, my ability to hold and also to let go of objects. This is life-changing as it enables me to do all those simple daily tasks that most people take for granted, like picking up the phone or holding a knife and fork to feed myself. I’m even able to do intricate tasks like tie my shoe laces!


Why I love Physio-Life


Obviously I love Physio-Life because I’ve been given back freedom and independence through the work I’ve done with Rachel.


Rachel is a very professional neurological physiotherapist and she’s empathetic with it. She’s extremely approachable, makes her sessions fun and is easy to talk to. I really can’t thank her enough for what she’s done for me.


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