Stroke Rehabilitation – David’s Story...





On Friday 27th June 2014, I suffered a Stroke. It was completely out of the blue, at the time I was out working. Hazel, my wife, took me to the Lister & I was admitted straight away. As the stroke progressed I lost the use of the left hand side of my body. I spent 12 days in the Lister on the HASU Ward before I was moved to The Queen Victoria Memorial Hospital in Old Welwyn before being allowed home on 23rd July. In that time I had to learn to walk again, adjust to having no movement in my left arm, concentrate on my speech & learn to swallow. 








After some initial physio at the Lister & the QVM I felt I would benefit from hydrotherapy. Unfortunately this is a treatment not available on the NHS in
our area & we were recommended to Sarah Kinsella at ASK Physio. She recommended we see Rachel Canning at Physio Life who specialises in
Neuro Physio.




I couldn’t have got where I am today without the expert help of Rachel. I see her twice a week – once for a session at the clinic and once for a session in the hydrotherapy pool. I am now back to driving and working again within my own business. I fit my Physio sessions around this.


Why I love Physio-Life


Rachel has been supportive, not just to me, but my family members who have been affected by my stroke too. She motivates me to work hard and always gives me some exercises to do at home that week.

She encourages me, and she makes our sessions fun, even if sometimes she does tell me to ‘man up’ but always with a big smile on her face!!!

I cannot thank her enough for what she has done.