It’s been an exciting time for the growth of Physio-Life over the last few months. Not only have we moved to a new purpose built clinic in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, but we’ve been joined by a lovely new team AND we’ve moved next door to our favourite Musculoskeletal team of Physios from ASK Physio!


Why the move?

Physio-Life had been based in Letchworth for the previous 18 months – however, the venue was not ideal for us or our patients. It was located at the back of an ever expanding macho gym, which was acquiring more and more macho gym equipment. This was blocking access for our patients, especially those in wheelchairs or with balance problems, and we were also becoming so busy that the space just didn’t suit our requirements.


Where are we now?


We have moved to Old Town, Stevenage, almost next door to Waitrose, which is handy for when we run out of milk for the tea & coffee! For our contact details please visit our contact page.


Who are the new team?


We are very happy to be welcoming to our team:

Karen – our lovely receptionist & admin assistant
Wendy – Junior Physiotherapist
Sarah – Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist
Julia – Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist

Find out more about the team.


What about our new neighbours?


We are really excited to be the new neighbours of Ask Physio, a team of highly specialised Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists – Sarah Kinsella (Director), Sarah P & Gina. This is a great partnership as we offer varied but complementary services and between us all have a huge amount of experience. For example Sarah K had a stroke rehabilitation patient in the hydrotherapy pool – she set up a joint patient session with Physio-Life – now the patient works with Physio-Life for dryland rehabilitation.

This is a really exciting time for both of our business because not only do we join forces for work, but we also might just be found catching up over a quick cup of tea discussing business or more importantly the Strictly Come Dancing results!


Special thanks


We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank all of our lovely patients who have happily made the change with us from Letchworth to Stevenage. We look forward to working with you in the future.