Jimmie’s Story…


I am a spinal patient who has spent several long periods having treatment in the National Spinal Injuries Centre, Stoke Mandeville. The treatment included many sessions in the Hydro Pool being handled by very competent Hydrotherapists.


On being discharged home to Stevenage I wanted to continue using a Hydro Pool and on recommendation I contacted Rachel Canning and arranged a session.


As soon as I was lowered into the pool and she took control of me I knew I was in the hands of an experienced professional.

I have been having weekly sessions with Rachel for a year and she has really improved my general mobility. During this time I had a hip replacement and sessions with Rachel have greatly assisted my recovery.

Additionally after my first session with Rachel she came to a Gym I attend to meet my Personal Trainer. She observed me exercising and then they had a discussion as to how they could introduce exercises that complemented each other.


Rachel Canning is a true Professional of the highest order.


James McQueen.

Detective Inspector. (Rtd.)


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