Mobility and Respiratory Rehabilitation – Heather’s Story...




My name is Heather and I’m a 77 year old former school teacher. I’ve had an autoimmune disease for the past four years which has affected my ability to walk and has left me virtually housebound. In addition, in 2013 I had an abscess in my left elbow for nearly two months which has left me with a lot of nerve pain.




I came to Physio-Life through a recommendation and am so glad I found Rachel. In terms of my mobility, Rachel has given me exercises to improve the muscle strength in my legs and is advising me on a passive/active exerciser that will help with that process – she’s even arranged a trial for me so I can see whether the exerciser will suit me or not.


I’ve also been given breathing exercises to help with the breathing problems I get when I do take a few steps. With my arm problems Rachel gives me massages as well as prescribing beneficial exercises, which has led to some improvement in my arm.


Why I love Physio-Life


Rachel is very caring and reassuring – she’s a real people person and instantly puts me at ease. Not only is she a professional respiratory physiotherapist but she also goes out of her way to help her patients whenever she can. As an example I had an issue with a faulty piece of excercise equipment I had bought and Rachel dealt with the complaint on my behalf.
The huge benefit for me in working with Physio-Life is the fact that I am visited in my own home. I would find it extremely difficult to get to a clinic, so to have this service and get to stay in the comfort of my home is just wonderful.


Having home visits means that Rachel can see me in my daily surroundings and experience first-hand the issues that I’m facing without me having to explain to her – it also makes it much easier for her to give me relevant exercises and support. As an example, I bought a trolley to help me get around the house as well as to enable me to carry things; when Rachel came round she was able to adjust the trolley height on the spot.


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