Physio-Life – Passionate About Our Patients


Since opening in May 2012 we’ve worked with several patients, which, added to our 18 years’ of practice in the public sector, equals a huge amount of experience providing exceptional patient service and support. We also come highly recommended with 77% of patients coming to us via referrals from other Healthcare Professionals.

All our patients are different and have a unique set of challenges, but what unites them is the relief they feel knowing they have specialist support that will have a positive impact on their health and quality of life.

At Physio-Life we are passionate about providing an outstanding service through tailored treatment plans, ensuring that all patients reach their maximum rehabilitation potential. It’s a great privilege knowing that we are supporting our patients and making a real difference at a difficult and often overwhelming time in their lives.

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Why Choose Physio-Life?


  • We have a unique approach that resonates with our patients, combining professionalism and expert knowledge with determination, positivity and reassurance
  • We provide a wide range of specialist treatments
  • We have over 20 years’ experience through working both privately and in the NHS
  • We’re members of various nationally recognised associations, so you know you’re in safe hands
  • We treat every patient as an individual and ensure we develop a treatment plan that will achieve maximum rehabilitation potential
  • We have a great rapport with many local medical and Healthcare Professionals having previously worked in the NHS, which leads to more efficient communication
  • We work with a large number of private healthcare partners - see our FAQs for more details


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How We Work At Physio-Life


After you have contacted us or we have received a referral letter from your Consultant, we will call you to arrange an initial 60 minute consultation.

At our initial consultation we will:

  • Discuss your background and the problems you’re experiencing
  • Look at your medical history and find out what medication you’re currently taking
  • Ensure you have no contraindications
  • Carry out a physical assessment
  • Discuss your goals and expectations
  • Deal with any paperwork


Following our initial consultation we will put together a detailed treatment plan which may include:

  • Home exercises
  • Rehabilitation sessions
  • Involving other Healthcare Professionals
  • Repositioning Manoeuvres

If you have any questions, please visit our FAQ page or call us to find out more.